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Baby Room Ideas

Your baby deserves the best this is why each parent tries his best to personalize the baby's room as best as he can. The baby's room should give a sense of peace and serenity so choose one of the following baby room styles which will bring a smile on your and your baby's face.

Today's baby room ideas are no longer traditional and simple, nowadays sophistication and modernism dominate the nursery rooms. Parents are highly enthusiastic about having a newborn and their enthusiasm is usually transposed into the baby's room. Every parent wishes the best for their baby this is why more and more gorgeous designs are developed every day.

The modern baby room

The modern baby rooms have the latest and most adorable furniture featuring cute animated designs. Parents usually go for white, beige or light colored furniture simply because light colors bring a certain brightness and peace to the room. The simple walls are replaced by cute wall papers or murals destined to cheer up the room and give it a funky, fairytale look. The new painting techniques and designs available make it so much easier to create lovely interior decorations for your baby's room. Choosing three or more colors for the room is better than choosing a simple color for all the walls. This way you will be able to emphasize better the style of the room without going overboard. Too much of the same color is not attractive this is why most parents choose a more bold motif for one of the walls while leaving the rest simple. Pink, beige, yellow, cream, light blue and purple are the most popular colors chosen by parents as they are colors which have a calming effect over the spirit.
Different accessories like cute cartoon paintings can be adorned on the simple colored walls to add a little bit of contrast.
There are a variety of stores which offer modern baby furniture at affordable prices so start searching for your dream baby furniture. The wooden baby crib still remains one of the most popular baby cribs of all and it is no surprise why, it is massive and offers a feeling of security for the baby.
Not going overboard with the furniture is crucial in today's baby room trends. A resting/nursing chair, a crib, a changing table and a simple wardrobe should be sufficient until the baby grows a bit older.

The elegant baby room

Some people prefer elegance over any other style, thus they turn to lavishing furniture, expensive materials, fancy chandeliers and rugs. This style is usually chosen for the girls rooms as boys rooms tend to be a little bit more masculine. This lovely elegant, princess room style looks fabulous, this is why most mothers lean towards this style. One colored rooms are usually most appropriate for this room style as the sophistication and elegance of the furniture and materials will bring sufficient contrast. Pink and beige are the most popular colors used to create elegant baby rooms.Wooden white or ivory cribs featuring elegant curved lines, elegant style white wooden toy racks, an elegant wardrobe and a resting/nursery chair are all the baby furniture needed for this type of room.
As far as accessories go everything luxurious and elegant goes. Gorgeous soft and vaporous curtains and drapery's, baby crib skirts, gorgeous bed fabric array which include velvet, sateen and embroidery work best with the elegant style of the room. Choose contrasting colors for the curtains and fabrics used to decorate the room to give a nice balanced look. Luxurious chandeliers and elegant lamps are all the extra accessories you need.

Fairytale baby room

This type of room is filled with detail and has a very fun look. A room with an incredible amount of style, with no limits to one's imagination, the fairytale baby room looks like to be taken out of the pages of a fairytale. Patel colored baby furniture featuring different whimsical designs usually hand painted, colorful rugs, assorted colors and fairytale wall murals. When it comes to color any type of color and color combination works. The walls and ceiling can be covered in gorgeous designs which give a certain cozy, fun, peaceful look. Choose your favorite fairytale characters and have them decorate your baby's room. They will help give the room the character it needs to stand out. Nothing is too much for this type of room so don't restrain your imagination, let it run free.
The accessories for this room should be simple and cute because they should help balance the room. The fabrics used to decorate the room can be printed with different cute baby prints in order to suite the style of the room. Choose the colors according to the heme of the room and don't be afraid to experiment with color. Pastels are the colors that usually work great with baby rooms so try to pick something from the pastel pallet.

Vintage baby room

While some people like everything that is modern, some parents prefer the vintage look, simply due to it's interesting look. The vintage style has a more casual, old look which is actually very trendy. Antique looking white or pastel accent baby furniture is the choice for this type of room. You can try to recondition your old furniture if you have one as old furniture has even more personality and style. A simple wall color is usually the choice for this room style, as the furniture will give the room the extra twist it needs. Choose subtly flowered wall paper if you wish as wallpaper works great with the vintage appearance.
Vintage accessories like floor stand lamps, lots of toys placed on racks, striped or flowered vintage looking bed accessories featuring bed skirts and resting chair skirts, sheer curtains featuring heavy, vintage style drapery placed on iron curtain rods.

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