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Feng Shui Color Tips

It's not a novelty that color had always a great impact both on our mood as well as physical condition. Whether we talk about fashion, beauty or interior design all comes down to one thing. We just can't deny the effect of a tone on our mental state otherwise these would be only random choice and people won't have preference for one or the other tone. Indeed there are endless theories that deal with this subject and in order to be up-to-date with the latest tendencies in home décor it is essential to find out more on the Feng Shui color tips offered by professionals.

Colors represent an important section of interior design as these can have a crucial impact on our mood and as lately demonstrated also on our health and mental condition. Those who neglect the importance of this factor might not be aware of the importance of the Feng shui color tips.

These are the basic principles that can guide us through the perfect selection of wall paint tones as well as furniture. These paramount accessories of our homes offer us the chance to pleasure of living in a harmonious and warm nest where we are eager to spend the most of our spare time. Interior design and especially its Feng shui branch devotes special essence to colors therefore it is important how we choose and combine them.

Besides their influence on our mood these can also offer relief when struggling with various illnesses and discomfort. These are some of the main guidelines to consider before enhancing our home with the best hue.


According to the rules of Feng shui red is one of the most disturbing and impulsive shades that can have a crucial impact on our mental state. Those who would like to enjoy the energy boost this fire element offers should opt for this style of wall paint in rooms that are designed for exercise or any other type of dynamic activities.

Bedrooms are real no-no options when it comes of red. Instead leave them for living-rooms or spots that have nothing to do with relaxation. The bathroom and kitchen are also ideal places to have red accessories or wall paint. Instead if you are still fond of this hue make sure you choose wallpapers with smaller and sparse red details as well as linen and decorative pieces.


White is one of the most common mental elements as the Feng shui interior design claims. Purity and innocence are some of the main principles it reflects. This tone stimulates creativity therefore it is important to have them in rooms as offices and kitchens. This way we'll be able to live out our creativity through various activities.

Art and crafts are some of the buzzwords when choosing white, those who are fans of these domains might wish to crown the look of their rooms and house in general with a white tint or decorations, accessories and curtains as well as furniture of this shade. On the other hand those who have problems with affection and expressing their feelings should skip the white decor trend.


In this case we have to deal with a wood element. Green is considered one of the tones that stimulates changing and inspiration. Therefore if you are in bad need of these factors make sure you surround yourself and your family with green walls, furniture or any other type of home designs.

This tone will help you get over the troubles as well as the situations that apparently give you no way out. A reading-room as well as a home gym would be some of the A-list alternatives to add a patch of color to your home. Make it green if you need a boost of confidence. One of the disadvantages of green shades for the ones who study is that it might not be the best aid if you have great difficulties when focusing.


Relax and give yourself some time to rest with blue shades. These are indeed water elements and echo the breezy aura of the sea and water Bathrooms as well as bedrooms when crowned with blue tones would look stunning. Moreover these spots can also help you chill and spare yourself from depression and low moments.

Cheer up with the endless shades of blue both when it comes of fabrics, furniture and art pieces in your home. Dark tones would stimulate the sense of serenity whereas the lighter blue colors would encourage growth and development.


Enhancing the home with a mysterious allure is best done with spots of black color on the walls, in the case of both furniture and other details. Considered one of the additional water elements it mirrors and generates confidence. Though some might consider it controversial black is apparently the new white when it comes of home décor. Office rooms as well as living-rooms would be perfect if you are a fan of the high tech and more futuristic looks.

According to Feng shui professionals it is highly recommended to skip this color alternative when it comes of children's room as well as the kitchen. Use it in a moderate measure in order to grant yourself with some light. It can also have a central and beneficial role in the career especially when dealing with great decisions.


Purple in various cultures as in religion is considered a royal hue. Indeed Feng shui also claims that it means power, authority and wealth. As a consequence it is advisable to appeal to this tone when we are in doubt and tend to have problems in bringing the right decision. Gyms as well as bathrooms can be upgraded with this shade as it also encourage spirituality and relaxation.

Use it on order to boost the efficiency of your meditation and Yoga sessions. Due to its vibrating effect it might have a too intensive radiance when used as a wall color, however the mutes tones are still popular among those who are fond of the alternative interior design styles.

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