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Feng Shui Kitchen

It is said that the kitchen is the expression of welfare as it is the heart and soul of the house. The cleaner, the warmer and welcoming the kitchen is, the healthier the owner. In the ancient Chinese Feng Shui, the kitchen, the way it was designed, played a crucial role in a family's life, being synonymous with success. This space was considered to be the center of the chi energy and from here it was channeled into the rest of the house.

For a positive Feng Shui kitchen, you must follow a few important rules that can improve your emotional, physical and spiritual life.

  • Kitchen position. The ideal position of the kitchen should be in the back of the house, otherwise it can cause digestive and nutritional problems. It is believed that people who place their kitchen at the front of the house are very preoccupied with eating activities and that's why they tend to be overweight. It is also very important to not place the kitchen close to the main door as it supports the energy to escape.

  • One basic rule that one must learn is that food represents wealth. In Chinese the word “food” sounds the same with the Chinese word for “wealth”. Well, even if at first sight it makes no sense, the relation between the two words is more than logical.

    We are talking about a cycle that starts with good food, passes through the influence it has upon the well-nourished person who becomes more and more effective and successful, and ends with the fact that this person can invest much more in the kitchen and in the food he eats. So, the more you cook, more opportunities will rise and more efficient you'll become.

  • Think of placing vases of flowers and bowls of fruits as they can shift the energy in every kitchen. You should put a bowl of apples or oranges in the Southeast (Abundance Sector) corner or in the middle of your kitchen.
  • The placement of the stove. In a Feng Shui kitchen, the placement of the stove is the most important thing to be considered as this is the main item of the kitchen. Remember that the stove must always be placed so you can see the doorway and everyone who comes into the kitchen, so avoid facing it against the wall. The same thing can be applied in the case of the stove placed in the corner. If you do so, it will restrict the flow of Chi energy. The solution would be to hang mirrors over the stove.
  • Another Feng Shui principle says that the fire elements should be separated from water elements. Try to put the stove, sink and refrigerator so they can be diagonals, in the so-called triangle model. This will prevent the conflict between water and fire, responsible for misunderstandings and quarrels among the members of the same family. You can place flowers between the stove and the fridge if they are close to each other.

  • Keep your kitchen clean. Organize your kitchen and keep it clean and as tidy as possible, without overloading it with all kind of unnecessary things. Transform it in a warm and welcoming space by keeping all the things you need in cabinets and drawers. Also, don't expose sharp tools, such as knives or scissors as they cut the energy and they are responsible for many conflicts in the house. So, you should have a cutlery drawer. Your kitchen should be airy and spacious, letting the fresh air in whenever possible.
  • As for the color of the kitchen, Feng Shui wisdom says that warm colors are the best option. Yellow should be a great idea as it favours digestion.

  • Tips
  • You can put your stove in a central cooking island in order to see the doorway and have a better view of your kitchen.
  • Try to avoid fluorescent lights in the kitchen as they have negative influence upon the nervous system and the eyes.
  • If you have a small kitchen, you should take into consideration to place a mirror so it will expand the place
  • For a positive energy in your kitchen aromatic herbs are the best solution.

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