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Feng Shui Symbols for Your Home

In Feng Shui practice there are various symbols that play a major role in fighting negative energies and spreading positive ones. Whether we are talking about the Laughing Buddha, the Double Happiness Symbol, or the Celestial Animals, all these symbols can bring prosperity, longevity, happiness and fortune into your lives. Usually, Feng Shui symbols represent different objects that should be placed in certain places depending on the effect we are looking for.

We all want to have a happy and prosperous life, without having to worry about the future. Feng Shui take away all the anger, stress, and worries, offering protection against all harmful elements. Moreover, some of them help rejuvenating Chi energy, spreading positive energies, bringing happiness and good luck into the house.

Double Happiness

  • The story says that a young student, who was on his way to have a difficult examination, was taken ill and was nursed by a doctor who lived with his daughter. The student and the doctor's daughter fell in love. Finally, the young man had to leave. He was the best at the examination, winning the first place.
    The Emperor named the young man his minister and allowed him to go back to the doctor's house and look for the girl. For the wedding, they decided to double the symbol of happiness in order to celebrate the two important events in their lives: the wedding and the young man's success. Nowadays, it is believed that the Double Happiness Symbol brings luck in love and a fulfilled marriage life.

  • Celestial animals

  • They can be placed at the entrance of the house or in one of the cardinal directions. The Black Turtle in the north, the Red Phoenix in the south, the White Tiger in the west, and the Green Dragon in the east. All four directions should be in perfect harmony.
    The Turtle represents protection and support, but also a good professional help, the Phoenix represents future projects and success, the Dragon, good energy, wealth and prosperity, while the Tiger means intelligence, fortune and protection against any harmful elements.

  • Laughing Buddha

  • The Laughing Buddha is the symbol of happiness, prosperity, success and good luck. It is the most popular Feng Shui symbol also known as Matreiya or Happy Buddha. It is said that keeping this symbol into a home, it can take away stress, problems, anger, or sadness. It also has a good effect upon Chi, absorbing the negative energies and fighting the negative ones.
    The Laughing Buddha is seen as the maximum symbol of happiness and success, and patron of children and of the poor and weak. Moreover, the sack, the large ingots or the pots of gold the Buddha figurine is depicted with, it is believed to be containing a lot of gold and treasures. Y
    ou can put the figurine anywhere in your home, but make sure it can be seen. Certain Feng Shui specialists believe that it is not appropriate to place the figurine in the bedroom, dinning room, or bathroom. A laughing Buddha can represent the perfect gift for different occasions.

  • Wu Lou

  • The Wu Lou is a bottle that is made from a gourd crust in which is used to keep medicines. Therefore, the Wu Lou becomes a symbol of health and a protector against the negative Chi or Sha. It is usually covered with golden paint and it has a red band. Wu Lou also symbolizes prosperity and longevity.

  • Chi Lin
  • These beautiful animals have the body of a horse and the head of a dragon. Also known as Kei Loon, Chi Lin is the Chinese Unicorn. It is the symbol of prosperity and it brings happiness, success and fame. You can use it alone or in two. In pair, there is a male having a sphere and a female with a young Chi Lin.
    The sphere symbolizes protection when it comes to your relation with the world, while the young Chi Lin symbolizes the protection of your home. The Chi Lin should be placed in the northern area of your home. If you choose to put it at the front door with the face outwards, they will keep away bad people and anything that could harm you.

  • Chung Kuei

  • He was an amazing swordsman, but his ferocious look made impossible his admission as an official at the royal court. Many years after his death, Chung Kuei showed himself in the Emperor's dreams. Afterwards, the Emperor ordered to be made a portrait of Chung Kuei. They recognized him for his great ability of overcoming black magic, and therefore repair the injustice that was made. The image of Chung Kuei should be placed in front of the door, offering protection from enemies and thieves. He is usually depicted with a sword and a fan used to scary off evil spirits. There is a magical inscription on the fan which means "Lead on happiness, restore the hall.”

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