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How to Make Your Room Look Bigger

If you are living in a small room you will inevitably feel the need of a more generous space. Fortunately, there are a few tips and tricks that can help you make your house look bigger and more spacious. By making a few changes regarding the colors, the furniture arrangement or the lighting you can create the illusion of space.

If you are one of those people confronting with space problems, you might probably feel the need to have more room for your daily activities. For this, you don’t necessarily need a bigger room, but knowing a few tricks that can help you transform your room in a comfortable and airy space.

Wall painting

A small room will look bigger if you paint a wall in a color that comes in contrast with the rest of the walls. This way it would be much more difficult for you to realize where one wall ends and where another one is starts. You can also paint your walls using light shades and the border and the trim in darker colors.

As for he colors, choose light hues in order to make the space look bigger, brighter and more airy. Soft tones of blue and green are the best options when it comes to opening up a small room.

Choose big furniture items

It may seem a little bit strange, but several small furniture pieces make a room look even smaller than it really is. If you opt for large, simple furniture pieces, like a giant elegant armchair, the room will look more spacious. Moreover, the room will not look cluttered if you only go for a few pieces.

Long curtains

Regardless the space where you choose to set them, long curtains, that draw attention, have the amazing power of making a room look more “generous”. You just need to be careful and hang them of the ceiling in order to get down to the floor. If you will only fix them up, at the windows, they will be associated with small curtains, and will only make the room look smaller.

A big lighting piece

Lighting is essential in every house, especially natural light as it opens up a room and makes it look bigger.
Also, a big lighting piece, such as a chandelier, will add an unique and funny element into the room, one that is able to draw the guests' attention away from the dimensions of the room. You can go to several markets and find a vintage one which is cheaper. Choose a glamorous and chic one.

Closer to the floor

A tall sofa or a bed with high legs can make a room look smaller. The principle in order to create space is to make the distance between the ceiling and the furniture pieces to be as big as possible. Get rid of the headboard and the legs of the bed or the sofa, of the depositing drawers and put the mattress on the floor.

Easy tips

  • Use multi-function furniture pieces.
  • You should keep your room tidy.
  • Mirrors that reflect natural and artificial light can make a space look larger.
  • Choose a small carpet in a bright color and make sure that the distance between the carpet and the walls to be acceptable.
  • Go for one big painting rather than several small one.

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