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Interior Decorating Secrets

Our home is a precious sanctuary for each one of us investing time in making it as pleasant as possible should be one of our main concerns. Although most of us prefer to leave the job of decorating to professionals knowing some basic decorating secrets can always help us come up with new ideas to upgrade our comfort and to make our living experiences better.

Decorating is a true art that many people prefer to leave in the hand of professionals. However, learning a couple of simple principles when it comes to home design and decorating can quickly pay off in a much greater way than we can imagine. Keeping things interesting is a must when comes to decorating to be able to avoid boredom and learn how to combine functionality and aesthetics properly to get the best results. Here are some things you might want to consider if you are planning to make some changes when it comes to interior designs:

Choose the dominant style: Browsing trough various magazines in the search of the perfect style for your home can give you a better idea of what are the designs you might be more drawn to. Try to involve the whole family so you can determine the what are the main influences you should take into account when choosing decorative items so that the personality of each family member is properly represented. However, before purchasing decorating items make sure that you will be able to create flow and make a smooth transition for the different elements.

Create dimension: One of the easiest and most affordable ways to create interest in any room is to focus on creating various focal points by alternating small objects with bigger, more dramatic pieces. The contrast created helps keep things more interesting by adding focus where needed.

If you also make sure that the contrast created also refers to the colors used you should be able to create even more interest. If you choose to display art make sure that you hand paintings at eye level or slightly higher if you have a high ceiling.

Add texture: This is one of the most important principles of modern design. Experimenting with various different materials also adds interest to any room especially when the room tends to be monochromatic. When various similar decorating items are placed together and the variety of different textures are being highlighted as a result you can immediately liven up the entire room.

Find clever ways to merge functionality and style: Space is often a problem for many homes so we often must be highly creative if we want to have a proper balance between design and practicality. Finding versatile pieces that can serve multiple purposes is a great first step but it is often not enough.

For example personalizing a coffee table and finding room for your favorite books don't have to be seen necessarily as two separate tasks: you can do them both. There are countless examples like this one waiting to be found if you just have the patience and the willingness to look outside the box and find them.

Be careful about lighting: Interior designer specialists think that home owners should pay almost as much attention to the lighting sources as they do when it comes to their furniture because they tend to have an important contribution when it comes the overall image. Consider both natural and artificial lighting sources as well as which are the sources of light that have a functional value and those that have a decorative value and that are more subtle.

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