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Moroccan Style Interior Design

Because evolution offered the possibility to travel, people started to observe the differences between different cultures. Because we are different and each culture has it's own beauty, people started to borrow certain traditions and incorporated in their lives. One of the easiest way to observe traditions is through the interior design as people tend to create a place which feels familiar and creates a comfort zone. Find out how Moroccan interior design can work for your interior.

Interior designs has passed boundaries and Moroccan style interior design has managed to capture attention through the interesting colorful designs which have a certain calming effect over the mind and body. It is believed that some colors can stimulate our senses to produce certain emotional states, so more and more people are going towards bright and colorful interior styles.

Moroccan mirage

The colors that help create the Moroccan style are colors which are highly influenced by the environment. Lovely red hues, blues and sand are the most popular color tones used in interior design. Lovely architecture and ancient looking furniture and accessories match perfectly with the warm blend of colors chosen to decorate the walls. Arches that define the ceiling give the architecture a very unique feel and create a sense of space and comfort.
Geometric forms are the dominant characteristics of this interior decorating style, as these patterns create a very elegant, cozy and inviting look.

How to choose the colors

When going for a Moroccan style interior it is best to try and choose colors that pleasure your eyes. Being comfortable in your own home is very important as this is exactly what this interior style is all about. Choose a blend of red hues and honey for a more relaxing space.
Color coordination is necessary when it comes to Moroccan style. Don't go for neon colors as you will only approach the retro zone rather than elegant, Arabian style.
If you find yourself in a difficult situation where you can't seem to choose colors that are mostly found in the environment try to guide yourself after the following colors which have a calming effect over your body: reds, blues, sand, honey, greens, lavender and white.

These are all colors that work beautifully together so try to choose a a few colors that work best for you. White, gold and red combinations work beautifully together and create a very warm and inviting environment.
Turning towards a professional interior decorator's help can be a costly but efficient way of obtaining the desired result. Interior decorators can give you several ideas to choose from and give you the finished result, exempting you from dealing with finding the matching colors and the right places and styles to place them.

Moroccan style accessories

The accessories chosen are of great importance. Modern style furniture does not match the Moroccan style so try to opt for an ancient looking furniture with rounded bold lines and sculpted frames. The furniture needs to have a heavy look in order to be able to create an elegant inviting area. Geometric tiles, different size vases, elegant chandeliers, curtains, elegant lamps and a multitude of cushions are the must have accessories for this interior design style. Everything needs to look imposing and like it has a history behind in order to create the magical feel exuded by the Moroccan interior design style.
Cushions made out of silky materials and embroiled with different patterns are a must. They look absolutely fabulous and can change the look of the room.
The room you are designing can have materials dangling from the ceiling to look like it tapestry is covering the ceiling or the walls.

You can only imagine how much this type of interior design style will relax you as you step into an oasis of perfectly combined elements which offer you the warmth and coziness you need, so let your imagination run wild and you will be able to enjoy your home more than ever.

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