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Shabby Chic Interior Design

If you have unique time-worn treasures found at the flea market or in antique stores, or different family antiquities, it is time you make the most of them in order to give a shabby chic feeling to your home. Created by Rachel Ashwell, back in 1980, shabby chic style became an essential trend in the the world of interior design. If you don't know what shabby chic is or you are just looking for some basic ideas, dominant colors, or furniture, discover what makes this style so popular.

We all know what “shabby”means. However, it was Rachel Ashwell who had this amazing idea that in time became an indispensable element describing a special decorating trend, moreover a very chic one. Lately, flea markets have become real gold mines for those who are looking for something old, yet chic and beautiful. Shabby chic is the best expression to describe this.

Comfortable, intimate, old and new, luminous, soft, pastel, lace, roses and femininity are the best words that describe the shabby chic style. Rachel Ashwell used the term for the first time in the '80s, in “The World of Interiors” magazine. The origins of shabby chic can be found in the typical houses from the British villages, big country houses, old, but with a very intimate aspect due to all the objects that were handed down and kept despite their age and time-worn aspect. The shabby chic style perfectly combines the French refinement with the British elegance, adding warm, comfy and intimate notes.

If what you want is to give a shabby chic touch to your home, you must love to look for vintage, worn items, search and do up. If there is one thing a shabby chic lover needs, that is creativity. Once you have found the rare things you were looking for, you must give them a time-worn appearance following a few easy rules and codes for a shabby chic design. Restoring, revamping ans restyling pieces of furniture in order to give them an old, vintage, rustic look is the first step you should do. You don't need too many things in order to decorate a shabby chic room. You can use different elements that apparently don't have anything to do with each other.

The shabby chic furniture is made from small, elegant, refined art creations. The ideal thing to do is to choose old furniture pieces, or those created in a vintage style, enriched with small carved details, some curved lines and discreet time-worn traces. As it is rather hard to find something like this, you can improvise. The authentic shabby chic furniture is never new. It is recycled, reused and restored. Practically, any piece of furniture can be painted in order to get a shabby chic look. It is preferable to use old mirrors, handmade chairs, chests of drawers, ottomans, immaculate tables, and chimneys.

As for the colors used, white seems to be a must for the walls, as subtlety is the essence of the shabby chic style. However, there are allowed certain variations and some romantic, soft colors such as very light beige, pastel pink, or sky-blue. There is also allowed, even indicated to add some floral printed frames or other discreet prints. Adding a frame with printed pink roses on a white wall is one of the essential items for a shabby chic style. You can also use a wallpaper as this is not only trendy, but it brings a vintage elegance feeling too. Without any doubt, floral motifs in light colors are the best choice for a shabby wallpaper. White should also be used for the floor for a retro chic aspect.

As for the fabrics, everything is allowed for a shabby chic decorating style, from wood to cotton and soft tulle. Furniture pieces are big, massive, comfortable covered with soft and colored fabrics. The perfect accessories are decorative pillows of different sizes and with beautiful colorful prints. In a shabby chic home it is important to follow the pastels rule. The mixing possibilities are endless. Therefore, it is no surprise that for a shabby chic result you can combine dots and stripes and flowers with geometrical figures. Everything is possible.

The shabby chic style is not difficult at all. Choose retro chandeliers, old paintings, and make sure you invest in flower vases. Use slip covers made from cotton, velvet or lace, for chairs, armchairs and sofas. Pay a lot of attention to smartly mix old and new for a flawless, romantic shabby chic design.

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